ACSL: “Customization & Proof Of Concept” Approach to Solve Any Challenges in the World.

This is the third series of the four articles of ACSL. In the previous series, we already talked about the overview of ACSL and their core technologies. In this article, we will cover some of the use cases of ACSL technologies in solving deep issues and the potential of its expansion to Southeast Asia. To share further about ACSL unique technology and use cases, we interviewed Ms. Shiori Fujita, Specialist, Strategy Advancement Department, ACSL.

The First Stepping Stone

When ACSL started back in 2013, Drone industry was in an early development phase. A lot of regulations are not there yet or if there were, the regulations were strictly imposed. For ACSL, the first stepping stone project for them was the delivery drone project with Japan Post which was conducted in November 2018. This project was significant as they became the 1st company in Japan that was able to conduct a level 3 of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight in Japan. Level 3 of UAV flight is referring to the flight over less populated areas such as remote islands, mountainous areas and other areas that are beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). In this project, the drone autonomously carries 2kg loads and travels across a less residential area & mountainous area of 9 kilometres away between two post offices in Fukushima prefecture. The project was not easy because of the strict regulation and safety was the main concern. They had to do a lot of paperwork and put a high concentration on the safety aspects to get the level 3 license.  With the great effort by all team members, this historical success eventually put ACSL as the leading autonomous drone services company in Japan. On top of that, their success case became the reference for regulators to update the regulations and provide other drone services companies an easier path to comply with the regulations.

ACSL Delivery Drone

Customization to Different Needs with Reliable Technology

With the success of the Delivery Drone Project for Japan Post Office, ACSL has not turned back and continues to challenge new deep issues that require advancement of their technology. ACSL is using the “Proof Of Concept” approach where they examine carefully each of the issues and the potential of drone usage to solve the problems. After getting enough information, that’s where they will develop a customized drone machine that will effectively execute the tasks required. This approach becomes the strength of ACSL especially when the client wants to have a specific drone for a specific task. Some cases related to POC approach include customized drone for enclosed plant inspection, sewage pipe inspection and hydro power plant inspection where those tasks required ACSL to develop new methods to fly accurately within closed areas without GPS guidance called Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). Another project that they are working on is the “Safe and Secure Drone Infrastructure and Technology Development” project which is focusing on the design and development of secured small aerial drones mainly for government procurement. This will meet actual needs for drones usage in the government , such as inspection on infrastructure and surveying in disaster situations. Since ACSL developed and manufactured their drone in-house, they could ensure the high level of safety and security especially for this kind of task. This project gave a big recognition to ACSL as the most reliable drone company in Japan in terms of safety and security.

Customized Drone for Client

Developed in Japan, Deployed Globally

ACSL has never stopped in their journey. After their well establishment and track record in Japan, they expanded to the global ecosystem to offer their expertise in solving unique and complex problems. They have already set their footprint in India, working together with local drone services to solve different kinds of issues existing in the country. Besides India, ACSL has planned and already started to explore the potential market in Southeast Asia. For them, Southeast Asia has great potential and exciting opportunities for them to contribute their technologies and expertise to solve the issues in the region. They believe that their technologies can be implemented and customized according to challenges that they might encounter. One of their main target markets is related to infrastructure inspection where ACSL has vast experience in this area. Not only that, ACSL’s drones also have the potential to be widely used for precision farming services in agriculture sectors which is one of the biggest industries in Southeast Asia. They are also looking for challenges in various fields that can future proof their technologies capabilities and increase their presence in the region.

Prototype of “Safe and secure drone infrastructure and technology
development” project

Let’s Work Together!

For ACSL, they are looking for common visioned partners that could work side by side in delivering meaningful solutions to society. They would like to explore any potential collaboration with drone service providers that may require specialised drones to execute challenging tasks. With the Proof of Concept approach and customization, ACSL believes they can develop and manufacture the right drone platform to challenge any kind of tasks. If you think ACSL technologies could help your organization or there are opportunities to collaborate, please contact them at their website : 

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