Hub To Increase Connectivity and Communications Among Researchers and Industry In Southeast Asia

About Dr. Shuichiro Takahashi Dr. Shuichiro Takahashi is the original founding member and Representative Director Chief Operating Officer of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. He received his Ph.D in Life Science from the University of Tokyo with specialization in Plant Virology. Dr. Takahashi is known as the pioneer in incubation

Principle of Bridge Communication to Create New Value in the World

Towards achievement of Leave a Nest mission, Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness, we propose an innovative communication approach to encourage more people to initiate new things. “Science Bridge Communication”, a concept and soft skills to enable people to communicate beyond knowledge borders, create a bridge between different parties

Design Your Own Career By Embracing Yourself

What was your dream job when you were growing up? For me it was to become an astronaut. Many of us dream of certain occupations as your ideal job at one point in time. However, 30 years from now we may not have such conversations anymore. We may be thinking

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