Design Your Own Career By Embracing Yourself

What was your dream job when you were growing up? For me it was to become an astronaut. Many of us dream of certain occupations as your ideal job at one point in time. However, 30 years from now we may not have such conversations anymore. We may be thinking more about how we are going to achieve our life mission and for that what will be the best path to take. 

Path To Your “Dream Job” Will Open Up By Identifying, Designing Strength and Weakness

In the past, jobs that are on the market did not change that drastically in a short period of time. Nowadays we are starting to hear that some of the jobs in the market may not be available anymore by the time you graduate from university. At such times, what can each person do to ready themselves for the future. Regardless of the type of jobs, it will probably be very important to know the strength and weakness. However the difficulty is that sometimes, analysing yourself can be a tricky task. Some of the options you have besides analysing it yourselves, are asking your family members, friends, or utilizing tools available, such as strengthsfinder. By knowing one’s self will allow you to explore options and available opportunities.

Don’t Just Go After Skill Sets But Arm Yourself With The Right Mindset

Common questions we hear or see online, “what skills are needed for this position?” It is true that having expert skill sets will be useful for any positions in a company. What we also need to know and be aware is that how people work within the organizations is shifting from hierarchical to more agile flat type. With this shift, skills needed are changing as well. According to Future of Jobs Report by World Economic Forum, creativity used to rank at 10 in 2015 but today it is ranking as third position in top 10 skills. This is considered skill but at the same time it is more of a mindset one needs to have. Moreover, Judgement and Decision making is steadily moving up. This is another example of combined skills and mindset type of quality. Under these circumstances, each member is expected to tune up the skills and the mindset at the same time. Furthermore, leadership mindset will be required at all levels of the working environment.

Following The Paved Path Or Creating Your Own Path, Find The One That Suits You Best

In the past especially for Japanese society it was usual for one to stay in the same company for throughout the life time. In that case, you are likely to design your career path within the organization. Recently, we started to hear that some companies in Japan are allowing their employees to take side jobs to enhance their skills and continue life long learning. THis also open up a new type of career path where you can possibly take. Belonging to certain companies will give more exposure and opportunities however depending on what you want to achieve you can also explore different paths. There’s no one right path or choice. It will all depend on what you want to achieve in life. Thus the most important steps to get ready is to analyze yourself, maintain the mindset and choose the past which suits you best to achieve your mission.

Writer: Dr. Kihoko Tokue

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