A Cuppa With LVNS Leader in Asia

A Passion For Science Communication And Leave a Nest Yevgeny Aster Dulla or Yev is the youngest among four, and was raised in Iloilo City, Philippines. His father is an engineer and mother a medical doctor. Given the family background it is not surprising that Yev grew up developing a

Principles to an Innovative Work Culture

Have you ever wondered what makes a team innovative? Or perhaps why certain creative organisations that were once coming up with paradigm shifting novelties are no longer leading the industries? A lot of this has to do with what model and principles that they embrace. Let us look at some

Knowledge Manufacturing : New way to tackle world issues

Creating value through Science Bridge Communication. That’s Leave a Nest’s core competence. For example, if we can teach children about the results of cutting-edge research, they will have a new “Knowledge”. Also, if we inform companies that are searching for technology seeds, new “Business” will be created through the combination

Exclusive Interview with Leave a Nest ‘s Founder & Group CEO : Dr. Yukihiro Maru

Last week, the CEO of Leave a Nest visited Singapore for a business trip, and as such I had the invaluable opportunity to interview him. The only other time we had met was when he was my interviewer, so it was a funny feeling to be sitting on the opposite

Leave a Nest : Advancing Science for Global Happiness

The vision “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness “, which aims to promote not only the evolution of mankind but also the progress of the entire earth by utilizing the science and technology that have always been the basis of change. Leave a Nest was founded in Japan in

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