Knowledge Manufacturing : New way to tackle world issues

Creating value through Science Bridge Communication. That’s Leave a Nest’s core competence. For example, if we can teach children about the results of cutting-edge research, they will have a new “Knowledge”. Also, if we inform companies that are searching for technology seeds, new “Business” will be created through the combination of knowledge. We call these activities as Knowledge Manufacturing Process Technology.

Since our founding in 2001, we have worked on Knowledge Manufacturing Process Technology in every field. Each and every one of us at Leave a Nest has been promoting countless projects through the process of creating Innovation by holding up our own Question and having a Passion to solve the problem, and then involving our colleagues in the Mission formed there. We call this process the QPMI cycle, derived from the acronym of four words: Question, Passion, Mission and Innovation. As a result of the accumulated knowledge and relationships gained from the process, we eventually formed a huge network. This is Leave a Nest’s Knowledge-based Platform.

Knowledge-based Platform further accelerates Knowledge Manufacturing. Usually, school education, universities, research institutes, startups, small factories, and large corporations don’t mix. However, through Leave a Nest communicator, each knowledge is presented, exchanged, and combined to create new knowledge that no one has ever seen. And that knowledge solves the world’s problems.

Today, there are more and more cases in which Knowledge-based Platform creates excellent startups that can contribute to solving global problems. At Leave a Nest, we view these startups as one of the Products created by Knowledge-based Platform and aim to produce even more.

There are still many challenges in the world. We would like to contribute to the solution by developing science and technology in every phase through Knowledge Manufacturing. That’s where Leave a Nest’s new project comes in.

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