ACSL : Spreading Wings Globally and Emerging Talents Quest

For the past 3 volumes, we have been covering the ACSL story from the overview, technology & R&D as well as their technology applications and potentials. In this final series, we are going to share further about how ACSL is expanding globally and exciting team development in the company and

Collaboration Create a Sea Change in Malaysia Rice Industry

Rice is part of Malaysian culture in which Malaysians consume many rice-based foods such as Nasi Lemak, Bihun Goreng and Laksa. Based on OECD-FAO, in average Malaysia rice consumption is 87.5kg/person above world’s average consumption while Malaysia only produces 70% of the demand. Since the gap between production and demand

AGRIMOR : Empowering Precision Agriculture in Malaysia & Southeast Asia

Agriculture is one of the major industries in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, it is still traditionally  labour-intensive and not sustainable. Malaysia-based Aerodyne Group, ranked as the world’s first drone service provider*, is disrupting agricultural practices with their new key solution called Agrimor. To discuss further, we interviewed Mr. Kamarul

ACSL: “Customization & Proof Of Concept” Approach to Solve Any Challenges in the World.

This is the third series of the four articles of ACSL. In the previous series, we already talked about the overview of ACSL and their core technologies. In this article, we will cover some of the use cases of ACSL technologies in solving deep issues and the potential of its

The first essential rule for ventures that are beginning to think about manufacturing (Part 2: Organise your wishes and create a base for communication)

R&D-oriented ventures are now having to face manufacturing. Let me introduce you to some “manufacturing literacy” that will help you in such a situation. In the previous articles, we organised terms related to manufacturing such as “Mock-up products”,”Prototype for principle verification”, and “mass production”. Manufacturing cannot be completed by a venture

Leave a Nest-style “manufacturing literacy” necessary for social implementation

This note is for researchers and venture companies who are having trouble with prototyping, mock-up products, PoC, mass production, and going beyond lab scale. As R&D-oriented venture companies aim to implement their technologies in society, they need to have knowledge of manufacturing. However, for many people, manufacturing is an unknown

The first essential rule for ventures that are beginning to think about manufacturing (Part 1: There are various meanings of ” Manufacturing”)

You have achieved good results in your research, or you have been able to verify a principle using a prototype.That in itself is very gratifying.However, the road to social implementation after that is usually quite long. Can it really be used in the real world? Isn’t it just a lab

Paving Ways Towards Global Strategic Fundraise 

In this article, we interviewed Prof. Dr. Wickneswari Ratnam, the Founder and Managing Director of Nomatech Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian based startup that created a unique variety of Red Rice which brings great health benefits to society especially Diabetics. Nomatech received a strategic investment from Glocalink Singapore, a venture capital

Deep R&D From University Lab On Route To Become The Technology Powerhouse In Japan

This is the second article in a series of four exclusive interviews with ACSL Ltd. from Japan. In this series, Mr. Chris Raabe, who is the Chief Technology Officer of ACSL, shared about their history of technology R&D and the latest cutting-edge technology to solve challenging issues in Japan. The

The Rise of Flying Machines with Brains

An autonomous control system has the power for self-governance in performing control functions according to Panos J. Antsaklis from the University of Notre Dame in 1991. “Such a system is composed of hardware and software that can execute the requisite control function over long periods without human intervention.” All autonomous

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