Changing the lives of blind people with an affordable and wearable smart braille device

The blind use a reading system known as braille. However, not all blind people are able to read braille or have access to braille materials due to its high cost or availability. This results in limited learning for the blind and therefore puts them at a disadvantage in society. To

Are you ready to expand into Japan?

Have you considered what makes Japan attractive to startups? It is one of the most technologically advanced countries that still retains an old world charm. It has the 3rd largest global GDP with many local investors looking to invest in startups and it has an emerging startup supporting network in

Let’s share your Ideas and passion to the world to realise your dreams!

Taking ideation into a real mission that changes the world is not an easy task. In this article, we interviewed Mr. Darween Reza Sabri, the CEO of My Conceptual Robotics Sdn.Bhd. (MyCRO), the runner-up winner of TECH PLANTER in Malaysia 2015 to share his journey on how he utilised TECH

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