Euglena Co., Ltd. Introduced “The Project for Integrated Sustainable Energy and Food Production From Microalgae-based Carbon Capture and Utilization” for a Better Indonesia.

12th Nov 2022 : Euglena Co., Ltd. presented their collaborative research project in Indonesia named as “The Project for Integrated Sustainable Energy and Food Production From Microalgae-based Carbon Capture and Utilization” during the first Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Indonesia 2022 (HIC IDN 2022), organised by Leave a Nest Group that was held on 12th November 2022 at Block71 Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Euglena Co., Ltd.  is the Japanese Biotechnology company which was founded in 2005 and then listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market in 2022.They produced various products based on a unique microalgae called Euglena.

During this HIC IDN 2022 program, Euglena, represented by Dr. Kengo Suzuki, the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, did a keynote presentation to share the outcome of the project. This project is a part of SATREPS project which includes a collaboration between Euglena Co., Ltd, RIKEN, University of Tokyo along with counterparts from Indonesia such as Badan Riset Indonesia (BRIN),  Pt. Jawa Power, PT. Awina Sinergi International,  Gadjah Mada University, Institute of Technology Bandung, Padjajaran University and Indonesia Education of University (UPI).

There are 2 main issues that Euglena wants to solve through this project which are the Energy and Healthcare Issues in Indonesia. Like most ASEAN countries, Indonesia is mainly relying on Coal-powered plants to generate electricity which contributes to climate change. And as the biggest producer of palm oil in the world, there is a huge chance of introducing bio-diesel from the palm oil to solve the issue. Other than that, in the healthcare sector, the country faced a  complex issue on the malnutrition in Indonesia with the coexistence of undernourishment and obesity in the society.   

Through this project, Euglena wants to consolidate the technology with microalgae to capture carbon dioxide and utilise it as a sustainable resource in Indonesia which could provide a profitable scenario towards carbon neutral society.  Besides that, Euglena as a unique microorganism, contains more than 59 nutritions including paramylon, a functional compound that could help diabetics people. By integrating  Euglena into the most famous local snack, Tempeh, it could become a super food that can bring greater benefits to the people.  “A lot of foods in Indonesia and Southeast Asia are oily and sweet, this could lead to many health problems. I want to solve this issue”. Emphasised by Dr. Kengo Suzuki. 

By the end of his presentation, Dr. Kengo Suzuki introduced the prototype of “Green Tempeh” and provided fresh samples for all attendees to try it. “I love tempeh and actually this green tempeh tastes quite good. I think it has the potential to bring benefits to our health”, commented by one of the attendees.

Euglena Co., Ltd. believe this project could bring bigger benefits towards Indonesian people and eventually to the world as a whole.

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