Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Malaysia 2020 : Bridging Traditional and Modern Healthcare

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Malaysia 2020

The second Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Malaysia 2020 was successfully conducted on 18th January 2020 at ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub, Menara Ruyi 30A, Kuala Lumpur with the participation of Aerodyne Group as Gold Partner and ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub as Venue Partner. Highlighting  the theme of ‘Bridging Traditional and Modern Healthcare’, this conference unravels natural resources as alternative medicine and disruptive healthcare technologies in Malaysia. As Malaysia is a megadiverse country with various medicinal plants and herbs, the application of these evidence-based medicine should be shared to the next generation to preserve our tradition and culture, while allowing their coexistence with the modern healthcare. More than  85 participants, 32 posters from industries and universities joined the event.

Plenary speech 

The first plenary speaker from Dr. Chai Koh Meow, Traditional and Complementary (T&CM) Division, Ministry of Health shared the overview and evolution of T&CM in Malaysia till date which has shifted toward professionalisms due to the natural and cultural influences, while modern medicine maintains as a mainstream practice in delivering high quality healthcare services to the society.  

After that, Dr. Hooshmand Palany, ASEAN-Business Advisory Council as second plenary speaker highlighted healthcare innovations such as digitized healthcare records, nanotechnology and genetic editing. He emphasized that next-generation technology should interconnected with global happiness and adopted in daily life, and not only limited to the domain of doctors, researchers and hi-tech scientists. 

Panel Discussions

Four hot topics were discussed during HIC starting with ‘Personalized and Artificial Food from the Perspective of Halal’. This session highlights the importance of food origin for Halal authenticity and monitoring of the food that we eat as the main factor that affects human metabolism. Second Panel discussion,‘Healthcare 4.0: Are Malaysians Ready for It?’ emphasized that innovation needs a good ecosystem with a strong funding support in order to move forward while third session, ‘Liberalisation of Healthcare: Accessibility and Affordability for All’, suggested that liberalisation of health comes from the mindset and own initiative of an individual to live healthier as the current technologies and services are now accessible although it may not be affordable for all. Last but not least, the key highlight of the event is the thematic panel discussion ‘Bridging the Gap between Traditional & Modern Practice in Healthcare: A possibility?’ which concluded the importance of education and ability to open our views and learn from others in order to operate outside scientific domain to integrate traditional in modern medicine. 

Next Step for Researchers

This year, we were again able to provide a platform for the creation of new knowledge and business ideas which could be used to solve deep issues in Malaysia and globally. We hope all the researchers apply to the TECH PLANTER program in Malaysia 2020 in order to implement their research into a real solution for society.

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