Connect and Collaborate: Solving World Issues With A Boost From Industry Leader

TSUNAGU Research Project, hand-in-hand with industry partners, brings the mission to develop a global perspective and nurture research collaboration among students towards solving existing issues in the world. In 2021, we are honoured to be joined by FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) as the Silver Partner of the project. The vision of FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) is to be among the world’s leading, integrated and sustainable agribusiness that delivers value to customers and stakeholders, especially the smallholders. FGV has a strong commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and this is intertwined with TSUNAGU Research Project, which is aiming for the fulfilment of SDGs by helping solve the host country Malaysia’s unique challenges that are related to oil palm.

TSUNAGU For SDGs Fulfilment

There are many issues in the palm oil industry that can be linked to the SDGs and based on the research proposals presented by the students, FGV sees the potential of TSUNAGU research outcomes contributing to resolving or mitigating some of the pressing issues faced by the industry. FGV believes that it is important for researchers, including the TSUNAGU student participants, to establish partnerships with key stakeholders including industry players to work together towards implementing the potential solutions to these issues. FGV recognizes how TSUNAGU connects students around the world by providing them with opportunities to collaborate and practice their research skills, while formulating solutions for societal issues. Through this partnership with Leave a Nest for the TSUNAGU Research Project, FGV is able to utilise the platform to raise awareness about sustainability in the palm oil industry among the youth.

Collaborative Research Education For Sustainability

The theme of the TSUNAGU Research Project is in line with FGV’s commitment to sustainability and with one of its CSR pillars which is to support education programmes that are related to the industry, supporting such programmes both internally and externally. From FGV’s perspective, educational programmes such as TSUNAGU which nurtures interest about R&D among the youth is crucial in developing the next generation of researchers who can become problem solvers in the palm oil industry. In addition, the connection between Japanese and ASEAN schools will accelerate the creation of ideas for solving issues, and will promote effective collaborations among the youth who have a strong interest in STEM education. This unique collaboration materializes engagement between students of different backgrounds to create a knowledge circle consisting of sharing experiences, working together, and discussing ideas in a broader spectrum.

FGV expects that from this TSUNAGU partnership, while working towards the SDGs, students will be able to improve their interest in R&D and increase their awareness regarding sustainability of the palm oil industry with help from industry experts, including FGV.

Writer: Ummu Alyaa Binti Hashim

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